About Us


Over the years, barbecue has gotten a little too “cute”—-especially the sauces, with their bright, pretty labels. Some even have the nerve to be called gourmet. Well, true barbecue fans know it was never intended to be fancy; it’s a roll-up your sleeves, finger-licking event. That’s what JohnTom’s Barbecue is all about.

We want to take it back to the basics… backyard cookouts with family and friends, everyone’s fingers and mouths covered in sauce. So if it’s fancy you want, get out the fine china and white cloth napkins. But if true barbecue is what you desire, grab a bottle of JohnTom’s Barbecue Sauce.



At JohnTom’s BBQ we understand the financial hardships that many companies face. That’s why it’s our mission to provide quality products and service at a competitive price.

JohnTom’s is a BBQ sauce company that caters to indiana businesses and is eager to become the first choice for restaurants, caterers and hotels throughout the state.

Founded in Muncie, IN during the summer of 2006, JohnTom’s is happy to boast that our products are made right here in Indiana at a USDA approved bottling facility. That makes our business 100% Indiana owned and operated.

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