John Tom Branson’s love for barbecue is very understandable. He was born in the “Deep South.” Find one person there who doesn’t love barbecue! John Tom took that love with him up North, when his family relocated to Indiana for the thriving automotive industry. On most summer weekends, you could find John Tom at home, wood-smoking meat and selling barbecue dinners to loyal neighborhood customers. While the smoked ribs and chicken were more than satisfying, the sauce was their favorite.

After many years at the automotive plant, John Tom decided to retire and open a barbecue restaurant. His dream, however, seemed to have faded when he died from a heart attack. Fortunately, that dream stayed alive through John Tom’s eldest grandson. You see, on those barbecue weekends, the grandson was usually there, right by his grandpa’s side, helping make the sauce. When John Tom passed away, his grandson promised he’d carry on his grandpa’s vision. And he did just that, creating what you know today as JohnTom’s Barbecue Sauce.

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